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“If as an educator you have been assigned responsibility for the assessment of some part or all of your institution, then you should not be without a subscription to the journal Assessment Update.  Not only will you receive timely, succinct, carefully argued and mostly clearly presented commentary on topics of particular importance to assessment in academe, but a nationally recognized contributing staff of writers regularly keeps you abreast of the field and makes sure that your bibliography is current. Reading the Assessment Update is the most efficient reading you will do in this area and is a good way to measure the relative position of your institution within the national conversation on assessment." 

--DR. RONALD CAVANAGH, Vice President for Undergraduate Studies at Syracuse University

Assessment has become an integral part of higher education— virtually every college and university has or is planning some form of assessment —but it’s still a relatively new movement on many campuses. “Established” techniques are often less than five years old, and are still being modified, revamped, and adapted to new conditions. New techniques are being developed every day, in institutions all over the country. So how do you know which assessment approach to try? How to assess your goals for student learning? What factors will influence the accuracy of your results? What pitfalls should you watch out for?

Assessment Update is the bimonthly newsletter from Jossey-Bass dedicated to covering the latest developments in the rapidly evolving area of higher education assessment. Assessment Update offers all academic leaders up-to-date information and practical advice on conducting assessments in a range of areas, including student learning and outcomes, faculty instruction, academic programs and curricula, student services, and overall institutional functioning.

Articles in Assessment Update cover a wide array of assessment related issues, including methods, tools, processes, measures, and design and implementation models. The readers of this publication are academic administrators, campus assessment practitioners, institutional researchers, and faculty from a variety of fields. All types of institutions are represented in the readerships.

Founding Editor Trudy W. Banta ensured readers had must-read content for the first 28 years of the publication's history. Executive Editor Stephen Hundley now continues the tradition of providing need-to-know assessment information.

Only Assessment Update keeps you at the leading edge of

•  evaluating learning communities
•  performance indicators
•  assessing student engagement
•  using electronic portfolios
•  standardized testing
•  and more
1.   Involve faculty and students in classroom assessment—a powerful method for improving teaching
2.   Overcome problems with portfolio scoring—one of the most popular ways of assessing student learning
3.   Employ the particular expertise of educational researchers to strengthen the assessment process
4.   Assess the impact of faculty research on undergraduate teaching

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Each 16-page issue of Assessment Update features thoughtful articles and columns written by some of the top names in assessment—women and men who have not only studied the many ways assessment is being used today but who have also overseen the development and implementation of assessment programs in their own institutions. Assessment Update gives you a mix of top-notch scholarship and advice rooted in the practical experience of its authors. Pressures for assessment are increasing, both from within institutions and from without. In an era of tight money and demands for accountability from a whole range of groups, that’s not going to change. But even without imposed mandates, keeping up with the latest developments in assessment is important because assessment is a powerful tool for measuring how well you’re meeting the educational needs of your students.

Call for Contributions

The editor welcomes short articles and news items for Assessment Update. Guidelines follow for those who would like to contribute articles on outcomes assessment in higher education.

  • Content: Please send an account of your experience with assessment in higher education. Include concrete examples of practice and results.
  • Audience: Assessment Update readers are academic administrators, campus assessment practitioners, institutional researchers, and faculty from a variety of fields. All types of institutions are represented in the readership.
  • Style: A report, essay, news story, or letter to the editor would be welcome. Limited references can be printed; however, extensive tables cannot be included.
  • Format: In addition to standard manuscripts, news may be contributed via letter, telephone, or fax (317) 274-4651. The standard manuscript format is a 60-space line with 25 lines per page. Articles may also be sent to managing editor Karen Black as a Microsoft Word attachment. Please include your complete postal mailing address.
  • Length: Articles should be four to eight typed, double-spaced pages (1,000–2,000 words). Short news items and content for the Calendar and Book Review sections may be 100–500 words in length. Annotations of recent publications for the Resources feature should be about 50–100 words long.
  • Copyright: Articles shall not have been registered for copyright or published elsewhere prior to publication in Assessment Update.
  • Deadlines: Each issue is typically planned four months before its publication.

Please address mailed contributions and comments to Stephen Hundley, Executive Editor, Assessment Update, Room 4049 University Hall, 301 University Blvd., Indianapolis, IN 46202.

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